Hey Parents!!

Below is the list of lessons that we will be covering during Sunday School this Fall! If you would like additional activities or information, please use the take home sheets that we send home weekly with the kids. Also, you can download the Gospel Project for Kids App or contact Sara for additional info!

Theme: Prophets and Kings

  1. September 4:  Elijah Confronted Evil Ahab (1 Kings 18)
    • Main Point: The one true God defeated the prophets of Baal.
  2. September 11: Elijah Ran from Jezebel (1 Kings 19)
    • Main Point: God revealed Himself to Elijah in a whisper.
  3. September 18: Elisha and Naaman (2 Kings 5)
    • Main Point: God healed Naaman’s skin disease.
  4. September 25: God Called Isaiah (Isaiah 6)
    • Main Point: Isaiah saw the holy God in His glory.
  5. October 2: Isaiah Preached About the Messiah (Isaiah 53)
    • Main Point: God said the Messiah wold be a suffering servant.
  6. October 9: Hezekiah, Judah’s Faithful King (2 Kings 18-19)
    • Main Point: God answered Hezekiah’s Prayer.
  7. October 16: Hosea, Prophet to Israel (Hosea 1-14)
    • Main Point: God loves people when they do not deserve it.
  8. October 23: Jonah, Prophet to Nineveh (Jonah 1-4)
    • Main Point: God showed mercy to the Ninevites.
  9. October 30: Joel, Prophet to Judah (Joes 1-3)
    • Main Point: God warned His people to depend before the Day of the Lord.
  10. November 6: God Called Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1)
    • Main Point: God chose Jeremiah as a prophet to the nations.
  11. November 13: Jeremiah Prophesied a New Covenant (Jeremiah 17:1-10; 31:31-34)
    • Main Point: God promised a new and better covenant.
  12. November 20: Judah Was Taken Into Captivity (2 Chronicles 36:1-21)
    • Main Point: God sent Judah into captivity because of their sin.
  13. November 27: Ezekiel Told About a Future Hope (Ezekiel 37)
    • Main Point: God planned to bring His people back to their land and give them new life.